Sunday, December 23, 2012

I was, I am, I who

To say you can't figure out who you are is all the proof I need.
We weren't made to conform and mold into society puppet,
We weren't built to have only one path,
We weren't designed to not make a difference.
We aren't the clay, we mold the clay that is our life.
To be the person we want and meant to be, not who we are to be.
It is so sad this is what I see today.
I was born and created to be a person who will make a difference, no matter how small or big.
I do not know how to get there, but I will.
I know getting there will be the hard yet fulfilling part of life.
This is who I am- I don't need to be accepted and rejection doesn't phase me.
Why should I worry about others perception of me, when they are just another person?
Why should I give them that power?
When you strip it all away I am just me and nobody exists that is exactly like me.
This is what I will teach my children.
                                                         Sincerely Fay,

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Keep your held up,
because no one is going to do it for you.
Put one foot in front of the other,
that way you won't trip.
Stand strong- stay grounded,
because our roots are what makes us who we are.
Thank God because without him,
there would be no us...he is always there.
Stay true to yourself,
that does not include growing up-don't change your fundamentals.
That is all

                                 Sincerely Fay,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Do you know how it feels to cry with no sound?
Pulling a blanket over her face so she can't see the shadows in her room.
A boy calling for his mother to come and rescue her from the overwhelming fists that rain down from a loved one.
A chubby child pushed over the edge by whispers and notes.
A human struggling with who they are popping pills to run away from it all.
A person too afraid to look in the mirror so instead they find comfort with the surface of a razor.
To a young man choosing to hit them books instead of women.
A girls' broken spirit tortured by a man's false promises.
A soul that is beyond another's mere discrimination.
A child heart whose thunderous beats will not be stamped out by the imperfect shoes of adults ideals.
A person who will not fear their parents rage, drinking all their pains away from the inside of the same bottle.
A father/mother who works to provide for the children sound asleep dreaming safely.
To that face who looks up and pray for another meal to come, but smile anyway when they get a penny.
To that young mom out there who holds it together even though the odds are against her, for the sake of her child.
To that kid who dreams big and stands tall no matter what they had to face in the past.
To a person who draws with their soul, a person who write to tell a story within their spirit, a person who dance and sing because they are free.
To all these people all around the world, your silent cries have been heard.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They Say What Naught They Know

               They say its locked up,
                in a holding cell.
              Buried ten feet deep,
                behind a brick wall.
              Covered in blood,
               beats numbed by pain.
            They say it don't exist,
                 because I'm too cold.
             Because Its all alone,
               behind those stones.
            That's what they seem to say.
               But they don't know,
        solitude is silence and silence is peace.
             That it's not chained down,
                its waiting to be released.
                It's underground,
           rising as bright as the sun.
            Beating like a drum,
Covered in the gold it outlines my soul.
               It is there, it exists,
Its past was etched in blacked, but its future unclaimed.
            Blood symbolize energy and life,
       not something as easy as pain.
It's relevant, It scare them cause' of things It is.
  It is  intelligent, beautiful, peaceful, caring, free, untamed,
          It is one spirit, one soul, one mind.
Some people refuse to believe in things they don't want to know.
       They say what will happen to it, now?
      Its a survivor, a trooper-it never gives up......
                      It is me.
                Who is "me"?
Look at your own reflection and answer- who are you?

                    -Sincerely Fay,


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Importance of Education...A POEM BY ME

                   Oh California weather why have thou forsaken me,
                 why have you pushed me through these rough mornings.
                   I would have so very well liked to stay under my covers,
            but to my dismay you have forced me from my bed and into the cold world.
                        I was hidden away and safe but then life happened,
              obligations to my future have cleverly caged me in a cycle- a process.
           Was the spellbinding lure for higher education with a promise for my future
                                         just a trick, did society trick me?
         No not I, have I fallen prey to some psychotic mind fuck, some sort of cruel trick.
                            Clever little trap you lay, and I have fallen prey.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


   While rummaging on tumblr I stumbled across a fellow poets' blog and normally I comment on what they did recently and move on to the next one, I guess you can say giving respect in a way. Well here is a poem I found after scrolling down a bit. It so funny because I myself have written something very similar to this...

{click the link below to read}

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Novelist in the Making...


                     Okay so I am posting this all over my other blogs as well. Okay so I am soon making the prologue to my new story....but first thing is first I need to tell you the concept that I have gathered. The story line (which i will try to follow) is as follows: 19yr old black/native american teen girl coming from a rough and mysterious past end up in her first year of college where she will experience the weirdest things that are outside her "norm." Expect this to differ from yet resemble a lot of paranormal/romance/ dark novels. This is the cover I have currently :

Sincerely Fay (optimistic),

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Soul Searching...

It has been a while since I've written plot to stories, choruses to songs, rhymes to poems and steps to beats after I crucial point in my life my desire to lift a pen or pencil to paper was and still has been difficult for me. I am just now starting to remember why I could sit on a floor, hood of a car, on the top of my house for hours and get lost in my own little world. I am beginning to feel that lifeline that had been oppressed and damage seek its way back to me, healing a little along the way. I can feel the way my mind wants to release the constant thoughts jammed inside my skull knowing the only way to free me from escape is to write it out into the universe. I miss those warm nights where the moon and stars kept me up writing poems until my hand hurt. I remembered the afternoons in my room where I locked myself away from the world, turn up my music and danced because I knew I could not be judged on the wrong turn or twirl, where I could mix all those styles of dancing into one big mess and be happy because I knew what I could achieve with my dancing. I've longed for those early mornings when I could hear birds chirping and rain drops hitting my window with a beat and I could hum a tune that I tried to fit in with the melody. Its a struggle now to even   break free of the constrictions I let be placed on me, I don't care anymore I need those pieces of my soul to come back to me. I will break those constraints one by one as pieces of me return. Until then I will be soul searching....

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Burning Passions...

                So I decided that I would officially get this blog out into the open. This blog would be for the pure use of songs, poetry, stories excerpts that I create. This blog would help me sort through the mess I call a brain. This blog would become my "Ink Book" (aka my talent journal). This blog will be for the sole purpose of my talents or that of others that have inspired something out of me.

OKAY A QUICK DETOUR>>>>>>below is a picture of many brilliant Los Angeles Street Art

                                Okay to get back to the point I guess I should pick up the pieces that have been months since I last blogged here and you will not hear no more of my mad life ramblings. Well, I'm going into my 5th/6th week of college and its been a trip so far. I am living on campus so slowly but surely I'm meeting new and interesting people everyday and stuff. I decided I am going to take a dance and voice class but IDK if i should do both in one semester or one at a time. So right now I'm currently planning out my schedule.

                                                            ####A Day in Life ,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

COllege Bound

So this post will be extremely short, very short. I have chosen to stay in Cali for college. I have exactly 3 months until I get out to college. Can't wait, still having "boy" issues. But life have been great so far.

                                                                      Infatuate Lovely,