Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Burning Passions...

                So I decided that I would officially get this blog out into the open. This blog would be for the pure use of songs, poetry, stories excerpts that I create. This blog would help me sort through the mess I call a brain. This blog would become my "Ink Book" (aka my talent journal). This blog will be for the sole purpose of my talents or that of others that have inspired something out of me.

OKAY A QUICK DETOUR>>>>>>below is a picture of many brilliant Los Angeles Street Art

                                Okay to get back to the point I guess I should pick up the pieces that have been months since I last blogged here and you will not hear no more of my mad life ramblings. Well, I'm going into my 5th/6th week of college and its been a trip so far. I am living on campus so slowly but surely I'm meeting new and interesting people everyday and stuff. I decided I am going to take a dance and voice class but IDK if i should do both in one semester or one at a time. So right now I'm currently planning out my schedule.

                                                            ####A Day in Life ,

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