Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sad Love Story

I have never seen such a sadder love story,
than that of the moon and the sun.
To be together forever,
yet eternally separated.

To forever follow one another trail,
to desperately try to catch one another and fail.
We watch this repeated every 24 hours.
 The sun shine's bright to light the way,
leaving  secret message that only they know.

The moon takes the night,
letting the stars shine and perform,
a testament of it's love.

Only meeting once a year,
to create the most exciting sight,
showing us how great their love is.

I've never seen such a sadder love story....

Sincerely Fay,

Monday, November 18, 2013


Some acts are committed unconsciously,
yet they tend to have the biggest outcomes.
I will never understand that about life,
I will never understand how those small,
unknowing things have so much power.

I find it very funny now, when I think about it,
how much damage our actions have when we aware of what we are doing.
Such a sad humor with a pinch of karma,
just how tragic and flawed beings we are.

Sincerely Fay,

Sunday, September 8, 2013


This thin, brown thing, capture's dreams.
It is believed to suck out the bad things,
this thing from another land,  a more native place.
Where legends float up,   like smoke, into the night sky.

It hangs above the beds,
as the sleeping form rests below.
Its round, woven shape;
brown yet thin in nature.
Tells the story of another time, another race.

It's web so intricate and alluring,
adorned with feathers and beads.
A symbol of unity, or is it a symbol of protection.
As nightmares pass out of the window,
disappearing with the day morning light.
I wonder, with thoughts pounding like beats, about this dreamcatcher of mine.

Sincerely Fay,

Friday, July 5, 2013

something inside

She's drowning in self-confidence,
the appeal clinging to her every curve.
He exudes pride,
every touch becomes a possessive trail.
They are wrapped in lust,
love can't dwell here, it is not wanted.
They exist within four walls,
their bodies mangled within each others, gripping, caressing...

Cravings spill beneath the doors, escaping through windows,
the lost control seeping through cracks of their beings.
Burning trails of ecstasy chasing away the linger of pain,
marking its path on their bodies like fine art.
Heat so intense, it melts away common sense, inviting instinct to take over.
Emotions in battle, fighting only to be held back by the body.
Tearing at their bodies to unleash it love could live in these conditions.

This is not the matter of heart, nor common sense,
this is the shear exploding existence of the carnage, beauty, and instincts of something inside....

-Sincerely Fay,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Excerpt from my Poetry Book...

This young lady knows how to love.

When I love, I love with my mind first.
I know then that this is not just lust.
I know that I can crawl into the blood vessels that lay within your brain,
travel along those scattered patterns, find you thinking about us.

Then comes heart, soul, & body stanzas....I know I haven't posted on here in a while so I thought I'd give you a quick update on my work!!! Ciao!!

Sincerely Fay,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fly Precious Dove

There are pain within these walls,
there are scars etched within this flesh.
There are stories to be told,
the lessons I have to learn has yet to be revealed.
So the dove grew wings and learned to fly.

Seen a bush burn before me,
I have seen the world burn to flames.
The walls of my home coming down around me.
I heard a dove dive,
wings beating against the strong current of the wind.

To love and to learn to forget,
they always tell me that time heals all wounds.
But that's a beautiful lie,
it can't heal over 200 years of oppression,
thousand years of mass genocides and false assimilation.

The dove is stuck,
 it is afraid to lift its head to the sky that speaks of unyielding promise.
Sky whispers to the dove,
but its words gets lost in the wind, who violently pushes against the dove.
The vicious wind began to tear at the wings,
pushing its body back, bearing an innocent chest and an open neck.

The wings scarred,
the dove can no longer breath with the wind stuffing its mouth with lies,
feeding it unimaginable horrors and
Neglecting the sweet promise of death.

It is broken, bent out of shape...
It dares not lift its head up for the sake of its life.
The threat of violence and the stench of fear,
 so thick like smoke crawling in, filling your lungs till you no longer remember where you come from, who you are...

Humanity's Dove.
But this is our world, its the reality we face,
the deadly lies spoon fed to who,
a monstrous cycle reoccurring over and over again...
Fly precious dove

-Sincerely Fay,

Sunday, May 12, 2013

To my Mother...

You held me when I couldn't hold myself,
You cared for me when I could not.
You read to me before I even knew how,
I didn't know how to formulate the words but I knew I would love you back.

You loved me when I had no name or face,
you loved me when I turned into flesh.
You loved me with the only way you knew how.
You loved me and taught me the art of love..

You raised me up,
You raised a human capable of more,
I carry your dreams and your wishes.
You raised me to be humble, smart, and caring.
You raised me to be prepared for the world...

For that I am grateful...
I am in debt to you forever, forever and always,

-Yours forever, Fay

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cracks in the Porcelain Girl

I used to sit at home and think,
I would stare at a blank page for hours,
while images and words, tales and adventures, would consume me.
The page was the only thing that understood and allowed these eyes to see.

I have too many stories to write,
too many lives to live,
too many places to go, it seems that its all stuck inside the four walls that is my mind.
I walk around trying constantly trying to be a thousand other people at once.
So I'm exhausted, I am my own canvas,
filled up to the brim with ideas, thoughts and voices that will probably never be heard.

The pen, an attached limb,
an appendage of another kind.
Pumping ink through these veins of mine,
words leaking from my pores and it is still not enough.

Calloused fingers,
writing my with my soul, my essence.
Night only lit by the moon,
my message heard by the universe,
changing lives from the function of your ears.

There is too many stories to be told,
too many lives to live, too many places to go.
I am a canvas, even when I am blank I am never empty.

-Sincerely Fay,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sky Talk

Orange with streaks of pink becomes the sky,
sometimes shades of blue with hues of purple.

Sun sets in this city,
high rise buildings shadow grow and shrink.

Sun sets in these mountains,
peaks that shrouds us in nature.

Stars find their homes tonight,
the black sky and all its beauty.

The moon hangs in the sky,
showing itself to its children in the day,
 to earths children at night.

The wolves howl to the sky in the deserts, mountains, and forests.
The owl hoots, rotating to see all of the world.

The north star shines to show the path to freedom.
The stars reflect maps to worlds- old and new.
Hopes and dreams ascend up like smoke signals,
The sky tells us who we are,
where we've been.

Sit and close your eyes,
a tale is being told, listen as the sky talks.

-Sincerely Fay,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Art of Storytelling

Crafted from the depths of souls,
shaped from the pits of experience,
is the birth of storytelling.

Storytelling holds people,
holds their values, and life lessons.
Voices that expand the horizons,
dipped in octaves of sound,
resonating and creating worlds.

Powerful is this tool,
makes us laugh, weep, and prideful.
An experience that takes on the life of its own kind.
When in another's world we experience,
their pain, joy, courage and love.

The storyteller is a creation,
part of who we are, what we are.
Tells us what could be,
holds the past and shape our future.

So tell tall tells,
discover different worlds, find they keys that connect us universally.
Fly with birds and hunt with wolves.
Fall in love with the sun and sleep under the moon.
There is so many stories to consume.

To understand and see where their dwelling,
is the Art of Storytelling.

-Sincerely Fay,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dream Spasms

Tonight I lay alone
my bed cringes at the sound of,
the sound of the silence that fills this room.
An unkept melody that can't find its muse.
There is no amount of noise, of notes or melodies that can replace you.

Tonight my tears fall slowly,
leaving a burning trail,
where your fingers once traced a path to reassure me.
There is nothing but my pillow to fall back on now.

Tonight there is no peace of mind,
I am restless, my body yearning ,
for the ghost of your touch...
to haunt my dreams and bring me joy and pain that will never fade.

-Sincerely Fay,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dark places in Tight spaces

Dark places in tight spaces,
I've always wondered about the times when I would give up,
what would be the outcome and the result.
What would happen to those around me,
how would this effect them, would they be able to look beyond and see.

Dark places in tight spaces,
no one ever told me that my presence would affect someone else life,
That my actions could cause a long heavy chain of reactions.
They didn't say I wouldn't be able to embrace it,
I now know what is dark places in tight spaces.

-Sincerely Fay

Saturday, April 20, 2013

So Lets Talk....

Hello my lovely bloggers...
So Lets Talk!!!!

So I have been trying to figure out lately what exactly do I want to do with my blog, where do I want to go with my blog...

So if your wondering why have I been constantly changing it around, this is why!
I finally decided that I want my template and design to remain earthy and simple. I want this blog to make people feel comfortable and a place where you my readers can read and become inspired or think and express your there.

So I want to start doing this thing called "Lets Talk Saturdays", where I would be talking about something in particular and I want you guys to respond!!!! I know you already do this with my blog but I want to focus on problems in our everyday lives we face. So I will Present a question and/or statement and you guys respond!!! Sounds simple, well it is!!!!

I think I will start this new segment within this year!
 so go to>>>>> 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wise Man Tale: Steps

We struggle because we have to,
we are dormant, resisting the awake.
Our eyes are closed,
and we fail not to still see.
We are more than what we can be,
that is what he whispers to me.

You are a presence on this land,
your every move affecting the life around you.
Your mind and body is a weapon,
so be careful and use it wisely.
Don't underestimate your worth,
you are worth more than all the money in the world since birth.
You are a being unlike any other on this planet we call earth.

He whispers..
Tread softly but strong enough to move the ground,
head held high with respect, love, and humility clothed around you.
Take only what you need from places,
our eyes make our mind and body greedy.
Learn to look past and look beyond,
establish the roots of where your from.
Here, listen to the music of life play its beats on the drum.

Your a moon-child, spread your wings and fly,
soar with the purpose of love and determination.
Go on now and grow up to be who you are.

                       -Sincerely Fay,

Monday, April 15, 2013

Little People

There is nothing like the innocence of a child,
they are ignorant to the grown-up world.
Through their big, round eyes- the world is endless universes put in one place,
everything is alive and colorful.
Through their lenses they see life on mother earth.
They know, love, and respect the giants-
we are their knights who protect them from the monsters.
They know that everyday is an adventure,
climb a tree to escape into another world.
The pillows and sheets and chairs are the strongest of forts,
the most seclusive place on the planet.
Passwords open doors and keys unlock treasure.
They can be a king/queen, ninja, knight, a superman,
a spy, a dragon, a lion.
They see no evil, so they speak no evil, and hear no evil...
Smiles so big and bright,
it lights up the sky at night.
Children is honest and courageous,
overflowing with love and the imagination we've lost.

-Sincerely Fay,

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Late nights bring out the hunger in a persons being.
It brings out the beast of love, passion, fear, and hunger.
The beast craves what he can and cannot attain.
It is simple the beast is your body soul.
The night unlocks the cage door and the beast is free to roam again...

_ Sincerely Fay

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Effective Meanings

Selfishness stems from the unconscious thought,
do more for yourself and less for others.
However way you put it, we have selfish thoughts, feelings and actions.
Branches, trees, forms of wood get burned and chopped up for our own use,
Earth in its forms being destroyed..
Tell me that ain't selfishness,
tell me it ain't so.
Words strung, thoughts acted upon,
we are energy that fills up this empty space in this graceful place.
Watch your Words/Thoughts/Actions,
what you put out in the universe is what you get in return!

-Sincerely Fay

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quotes that have Inspired Me/ Wise Man Tale

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.
George Carlin

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.
Mahatma Gandhi

These are both quotes that today I randomly picked and so here is a short poem I written called Wise Man Tale.

A street walker, a bum- told me quotes are advice to the wise,
he said if you ever take the time I guarantee they will open your eyes.
I asked him did he need food or money, shelter or clothes,
he said sista-child I don't waste my time on material things, I have soul.
He was a thin man, with one gold teeth,
he smiled and said as long as I got my soul that's alright for me.
Word of the wise young child, take my advice I have enough to spare,
realize where you going before you get there.
There is only two types of success in this world,
one lead ya to God and the other puts you in the bad forever.
I've seen a world guided and bent on terror.
I blinked and then I woke up here,
the world now ain't nice young miss be careful.
I got another piece advise as well,
greed and seeking fame is a sure way to hell.
By this time I was done with the conversation- couldn't hear no more,
I left the poor man without any explanation of what he did to end up like that for.
A couple of weeks later I seen an article about a famous philanthropist who went bankrupt,
he ended up with that strange case of bad luck.
I realized it was the man on the corner of that very helpless place,
but yet he had the brightest smile on his face.
The article read-He sought glory and money and misused his fame,
he lost it all without no one to blame.
But when asked why,he said I'm just like any other guy, 
see there is more to success than the good and the benefits, 
the dark side of success always have its prejudices.
So I warn those who like me who took the easy ticket,
be careful and never take the easy way up...
nothing can come from it but inflicting your soul with a very deep cut.

-Sincerely Fay


Sunday, March 24, 2013

To The Girl

To the girl who sat at her desk,
head buried in the books.
To the girl who sat on the rooftops,
to get away from the hell within 4 walls.
To the girl whose sole purpose was to,
make something of herself.
To the girl whose baby brothers,
look up to her to help them, take care of em'.
To the girl who looks in the mirror,
to the strong, proud, and beautiful.
To the young women raising families.
To the females not afraid to show their love to another.
To the young girl in the future who hear or read this poem.
             Stand Strong!

-Sincerely Fay,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rants of a Poet

To some life never seems to be enough,
just to know that your alive is not enough!
We strive for things to make us complete.
It is to those people that I say I am alike!
I am grateful and blessed to be alive,
but to live day by day is not me.
I have to strive for doing more;
helping more, writing more!
Can I say more,
do I have to spill out that I have had a very sad past!
One that is wrought with abuse and pain.
Do I need to render your senses suppressed by my anguish!
Now listen to me rant!
Life is everything I do, the choices I make,
the struggles designed for me and me alone.
The things I do for me, for those around me!

        -Sincerely Fay,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Soldiers of Poverty

The world today is not made for the weak,
its not catering to the spineless ones.
The world today makes soldiers,
prepares its children for future wars.
The world today give birth to maturity,
it leaves little room for an imagination.
It forces little ones to grow up,
before they even leave their childhood.
The grounds on which we walk is soaked in tears and blood,
so deep in the roots of who we are.
The sheets and car seats filled with remorse and regret.
The things we have done and will do,
those secret things that stain our souls.
Those masks of calm, those frozen smiles,
underneath lies the broken child.
Forever savoring those moments of happiness,
small glances of hope.
The world today, birth children, children
of war, defeat, hurt, neglect, financial need, and fear.
This world today give rise to a new breed of children,
we are the Soldiers of Poverty.

Sincerely Fay,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bedroom Blues for a Soul-child

A soul-child has no boundaries,
a soul-child weeps for those who cannot.
A soul-child works for all the things expected to be earned,
the sweat off the backs of those determined to be.
The soul-child plays in the gardens,
lay in the fields that caress the skin in the warmest places.
The soul-child free the shackles being placed on the soul.
A soul-child sings the loudest in the wake of a new day,
that time of day and night.
The soul-child loves the sunlight and dwell in moonlight.
The sun is hope, the moon path...
A soul-child haves a gypsy soul, a playful being,  a restless spirit,
a writers passion...
A million words for one thought...
A bed made of love and pain,
a cup of tea and toast.
For a soul-child is only wondering, only thinking about situations,
when the bedroom blues hit.

 Sincerely Fay,

Monday, February 11, 2013


Your heart is in the notes
Your mind in the keys
Your soul in the melody
Your essence in the sheets

Your passion in your fingers
Your life in headphones
Your pain in the practice
Your story in the music

Music is the remedy for life...

  Sincerely Fay,

Friday, February 1, 2013

We Save Those Who Are Not Worthy....

Those who are not worthy to be saved are usually the first we save,
seems to be a never ending cycle of human behavior.
We grant those who influence us the most power,
so therefore we acknowledge them to be superior.
We want in ourselves,
what we embed into those who faces litter our screens.
So then the question arises,
who do we save when those that are superior betray.
Just when we begin to understand,
we stray away from the path and start anew the process...
As humans our desires and compassion is our strength and our weakness.

                                         Sincerely Fay,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Brown Pigments Behaves

This child bathes in her pigment,
this child shines in pigment.
Her mahogany, her light tan, her cocoa, her copper,
her sepia, her seinna skin liters and marks her path in life.
Her fingers are the instruments in which her dreams become a reality.
Her lips brings knowledge that can only be expressed,
by that beautiful source of power she posses.
The soles of her feet dries her to conquer the world!
Her body ignites the flames of fires that burn deep within her mind-
her true lover.
No one knows her or holds her together better.
Her layers,
her brown layers keeps all the her greatness held within,
keeps her from being dissected by the world.

                                              Sincerely Fay,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Time Waits Not

We only live in the moment,
that is all we're guaranteed.
We have no future,
the future is only a dream, what we hope to achieve.
We have past, we have history;
this is whats definite, that is sure.
We cannot change our past, though many only look back;
only seeing the stream of mistakes that have occurred.
Wishing to change something-they cannot.
So why then, when the opportunity presents itself;
do people not think before they do something.
How do you expect change to come,
if your actions are not pondered upon.
So the cycle repeats itself.
Making choices that are mistakes, looking back wishing to change it.
While the future is the only outlet in which,
we as people lay our dreams.
Our dreams that our choices should bring about.
So why in the present do we not think before we do,
to bring about the future we want.
This is what I've learned in my short life.

                                                                    Sincerely Fay,

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Sudden Epiphany

There are many seasons, many days, and nights.
There are lessons to be learned and taught.There are many mornings, many lights and fights.
We constantly complain about time,
It's never enough.