Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rants of a Poet

To some life never seems to be enough,
just to know that your alive is not enough!
We strive for things to make us complete.
It is to those people that I say I am alike!
I am grateful and blessed to be alive,
but to live day by day is not me.
I have to strive for doing more;
helping more, writing more!
Can I say more,
do I have to spill out that I have had a very sad past!
One that is wrought with abuse and pain.
Do I need to render your senses suppressed by my anguish!
Now listen to me rant!
Life is everything I do, the choices I make,
the struggles designed for me and me alone.
The things I do for me, for those around me!

        -Sincerely Fay,