Sunday, April 28, 2013

Art of Storytelling

Crafted from the depths of souls,
shaped from the pits of experience,
is the birth of storytelling.

Storytelling holds people,
holds their values, and life lessons.
Voices that expand the horizons,
dipped in octaves of sound,
resonating and creating worlds.

Powerful is this tool,
makes us laugh, weep, and prideful.
An experience that takes on the life of its own kind.
When in another's world we experience,
their pain, joy, courage and love.

The storyteller is a creation,
part of who we are, what we are.
Tells us what could be,
holds the past and shape our future.

So tell tall tells,
discover different worlds, find they keys that connect us universally.
Fly with birds and hunt with wolves.
Fall in love with the sun and sleep under the moon.
There is so many stories to consume.

To understand and see where their dwelling,
is the Art of Storytelling.

-Sincerely Fay,

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