Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fly Precious Dove

There are pain within these walls,
there are scars etched within this flesh.
There are stories to be told,
the lessons I have to learn has yet to be revealed.
So the dove grew wings and learned to fly.

Seen a bush burn before me,
I have seen the world burn to flames.
The walls of my home coming down around me.
I heard a dove dive,
wings beating against the strong current of the wind.

To love and to learn to forget,
they always tell me that time heals all wounds.
But that's a beautiful lie,
it can't heal over 200 years of oppression,
thousand years of mass genocides and false assimilation.

The dove is stuck,
 it is afraid to lift its head to the sky that speaks of unyielding promise.
Sky whispers to the dove,
but its words gets lost in the wind, who violently pushes against the dove.
The vicious wind began to tear at the wings,
pushing its body back, bearing an innocent chest and an open neck.

The wings scarred,
the dove can no longer breath with the wind stuffing its mouth with lies,
feeding it unimaginable horrors and
Neglecting the sweet promise of death.

It is broken, bent out of shape...
It dares not lift its head up for the sake of its life.
The threat of violence and the stench of fear,
 so thick like smoke crawling in, filling your lungs till you no longer remember where you come from, who you are...

Humanity's Dove.
But this is our world, its the reality we face,
the deadly lies spoon fed to who,
a monstrous cycle reoccurring over and over again...
Fly precious dove

-Sincerely Fay,

Sunday, May 12, 2013

To my Mother...

You held me when I couldn't hold myself,
You cared for me when I could not.
You read to me before I even knew how,
I didn't know how to formulate the words but I knew I would love you back.

You loved me when I had no name or face,
you loved me when I turned into flesh.
You loved me with the only way you knew how.
You loved me and taught me the art of love..

You raised me up,
You raised a human capable of more,
I carry your dreams and your wishes.
You raised me to be humble, smart, and caring.
You raised me to be prepared for the world...

For that I am grateful...
I am in debt to you forever, forever and always,

-Yours forever, Fay

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cracks in the Porcelain Girl

I used to sit at home and think,
I would stare at a blank page for hours,
while images and words, tales and adventures, would consume me.
The page was the only thing that understood and allowed these eyes to see.

I have too many stories to write,
too many lives to live,
too many places to go, it seems that its all stuck inside the four walls that is my mind.
I walk around trying constantly trying to be a thousand other people at once.
So I'm exhausted, I am my own canvas,
filled up to the brim with ideas, thoughts and voices that will probably never be heard.

The pen, an attached limb,
an appendage of another kind.
Pumping ink through these veins of mine,
words leaking from my pores and it is still not enough.

Calloused fingers,
writing my with my soul, my essence.
Night only lit by the moon,
my message heard by the universe,
changing lives from the function of your ears.

There is too many stories to be told,
too many lives to live, too many places to go.
I am a canvas, even when I am blank I am never empty.

-Sincerely Fay,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sky Talk

Orange with streaks of pink becomes the sky,
sometimes shades of blue with hues of purple.

Sun sets in this city,
high rise buildings shadow grow and shrink.

Sun sets in these mountains,
peaks that shrouds us in nature.

Stars find their homes tonight,
the black sky and all its beauty.

The moon hangs in the sky,
showing itself to its children in the day,
 to earths children at night.

The wolves howl to the sky in the deserts, mountains, and forests.
The owl hoots, rotating to see all of the world.

The north star shines to show the path to freedom.
The stars reflect maps to worlds- old and new.
Hopes and dreams ascend up like smoke signals,
The sky tells us who we are,
where we've been.

Sit and close your eyes,
a tale is being told, listen as the sky talks.

-Sincerely Fay,