Friday, May 3, 2013

Sky Talk

Orange with streaks of pink becomes the sky,
sometimes shades of blue with hues of purple.

Sun sets in this city,
high rise buildings shadow grow and shrink.

Sun sets in these mountains,
peaks that shrouds us in nature.

Stars find their homes tonight,
the black sky and all its beauty.

The moon hangs in the sky,
showing itself to its children in the day,
 to earths children at night.

The wolves howl to the sky in the deserts, mountains, and forests.
The owl hoots, rotating to see all of the world.

The north star shines to show the path to freedom.
The stars reflect maps to worlds- old and new.
Hopes and dreams ascend up like smoke signals,
The sky tells us who we are,
where we've been.

Sit and close your eyes,
a tale is being told, listen as the sky talks.

-Sincerely Fay,

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