Friday, July 5, 2013

something inside

She's drowning in self-confidence,
the appeal clinging to her every curve.
He exudes pride,
every touch becomes a possessive trail.
They are wrapped in lust,
love can't dwell here, it is not wanted.
They exist within four walls,
their bodies mangled within each others, gripping, caressing...

Cravings spill beneath the doors, escaping through windows,
the lost control seeping through cracks of their beings.
Burning trails of ecstasy chasing away the linger of pain,
marking its path on their bodies like fine art.
Heat so intense, it melts away common sense, inviting instinct to take over.
Emotions in battle, fighting only to be held back by the body.
Tearing at their bodies to unleash it love could live in these conditions.

This is not the matter of heart, nor common sense,
this is the shear exploding existence of the carnage, beauty, and instincts of something inside....

-Sincerely Fay,


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